December 9, 2016 — the night I got to experience being prepped up and dolled. It was the night I got to experience dancing and wearing heels. We started the night with the young lads escorting us young ladies to our respective tables and handing us corsages. It was soon followed by the exchange of candles. The next events went by a blur to me because I was busy talking and taking pictures with my prom date and my best friends.

And so the voting came and I was chunking on my salad when I got asked to go up the stage because I won the best dress award. I was taken aback but nevertheless I went up the stage with my wobbly legs and received my bouquet and trophy. I was then asked to dance with the other young lad who won the best dress award in the lads category. Luckily he was my classmate in my junior year so we weren’t awkward at all. Promenade was indeed one of the best nights I had in my life, I gained a little confidence and trust in myself thinking that a lowly girl like me could have worn an award, but being my pessimistic self I thought it was the dresses magic and not me.


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