Joining Ms. AIT

I needed to do this in order to get out of my comfort zone and to gain confidence and trust in myself, but most importantly for my grades.

Ms. AIT is a pageant celebrated or held in our school every year in my school. Since I was in 7th grade I have never, not even once joined the said pageant. But a sudden change of events happened in my 10th grade (currently). We were required to join the pageant, and that sucks for a girl like me who gets comfy in sweatpants. Anyways the pre-pageant was held last week, Friday, and I got in the magic 33 *poshh*. Well you could probably consider itas beginners luck but hey I get exempted for finals *banzai*. But yeah I said it kinda sucks but it has its pros and cons. First it gets me exempted on finals but the disadvantages is that it costs a lot, and by a lot I meant a fortune, fees for the make- up artist, the dress, the costume, the motorcade, and it needs lots of confidence, which sadly I do not have :(.


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