How my bad day turned out to be just fine

Everyone experiences​ bad days, where in majority of everything you do, has a downside, here is what makes up my disastrous day and how it turned​ out to be just fine.

​On the way home from my grandmother’s death anniversary, so many disasters happened, well today was a total disaster. First earlier today I got enrolled in my new school but wasn’t able to get my ID done, and then on the way to church the worse traffic jam occurred.

And then we arrived at the church late.

On the way to my cousin’s house​ the car died and then on the way home the car’s tire decided to pop, wow, just great. What an awesome adventure. 

BUT while I sat beside the road while waiting for the tire to be fixed, a hot mess decided to show up on my favourite motorbike the 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R NINJA, wearing a thin white shirt and a black gym short, and I was in awe and was left giddy the whole night, all the grumpy -ness disappeared like a bubble, what a great night it was.


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